Create Canva Design From Hashnode Blog at Ease

Create Canva Design From Hashnode Blog at Ease

Integration between Hashnode and Canva that you'd never expect


The motivation for creating Hashnode Canva Integration is bringing Hashnode Article to wider audiences by converting it to a different format. I think many of you sometimes see PowerPoint-like content on social media like Instagram, TikTok, or LinkedIn. Something like this:

You have been working hard on publishing a good article here. Why stop there? Bring your Hashnode's article to more audiences by start distributing it as Microblog or Digital Booklet format.

Introducing: Hashnode Canva Integration

Why Canva

Canva is one of many graphic design platforms, if not the best one right now. The easy-to-use, to-the-point, rich template and elements make Canva good for every use case. I believe we at least used Canva once to create cover image of our article

Integration capabilities of Canva, and then GraphQL API from Hashnode, make this possibility become reality. And here we are, Hashnode Canva Integraion is Born.

On Development

I want to make this as simple as possible but keep the functionality intact. The main function is to get article data that can be added as an element to Canva Design. The final application flow is like this:

  1. Get data from the URL using Hashnode's GraphQL API

  2. Mapping the content

  3. Drag to Canvas as Design Element

  4. Done!


From GraphQL API we can get the content on html markdown or text format. I choose markdown because it is easier to parse. Also, many markdown parsers out there are ready to use.

Canva has SDK that makes it easy to develop on their side. Turning the article content into Canva Element is quite straightforward using it.

The apps extract the content of the article and group them into 5 separate tabs that you can use as elements on canvas design. The tabs are:

  • Meta

    This tab contains metadata such as:

    • Background Image

    • Author Name

    • Author Profile Picture

    • Published Date

    • Title

    • Subtitle

  • Content

    This tab contains the content of the article. Including the header, text content, code, and images.

  • Links

    This tab contains links that appear on the article

  • Image

    This tab contains all images in the article

  • Code

    This tab contains codes that appear in the article

Every element of the tab can be used as an element of Canva design.


The actual obstacle is the time limit. 15 Days. With full-day working on weekdays, so I need a little sacrifice on my sleep. Also, publishing new Integration to Canva takes a long process of submission. This app is still in review and hopefully, it can accepted as soon as possible.

Still in review

I will update the status of the Apps here. So Stay Tune!

In Closing

As Always, Thank you to Hashnode for organizing the hackathon! Makes my coding habit still going, and bringing little impact here and there.

Hackathon is a great source of push if you want to build something but always procrastinate. Given timebox, our mind will try to find the most efficient to finish what we started. Driving by incentives, and your motivation is hard to deplet. Give it a try.

Thank you for reading!